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New year...new things?

By 2/07/2005

Hi hi...as all of you guys can see...I've changed my blogskin! What prompted it? Well...I did warn you guys that I get bored of my blogskin rather easily (if you've been reading my blog since I started it, I've changed my skin like 3 times already?). Anyway, the blogskin that I really like is Sing's. Do check it out when you've got the chance. All my friends' links are under "Way Out". I'm trying to change those words...but ahahaha...me html not soo the good (translation: I'm quite the html idiot).

Anyway, I was keeping my ironed clothes and I couldn't squeeze in my clothes. So, I had to take away those old ones that I don't wear anymore. Sheesh...and I remember giving away a bag of clothes to charity at the end of last year. I'm not saying that I've got a lot of clothes...it's more like my wardrobe is too small. I think I need to be like my parents...have 2 cupboards full of clothes.

*sigh* I don't know what happened and I think I've got a corn on my right foot. This is NOT confirmed. Just that there's a spot on my sole that hurts when I walk. I'm hoping that it's just a passing thing...like I walked too much or something like that. Ah well...

If you wanna come over to my place during CNY, the 10th onwards would be good. The only day that I wouldn't be free would be 11th because I have lessons on that day (sian!) and then I've got to go to church in the evening (Ash Wednesday has been pushed back to Friday due to the Chinese New Year). As I've explained about the Ash Wednesday thing...that would mean that I would be fasting and abstaining on Friday...so no point visiting on that day. I'll be watching you eat...hahahaha...My Saturday evening wouldn't be good either 'cos I'll be going to church for normal mass as well. So..hmm....drop me an email to let me know when you guys wanna come. =)

Anyway, do take the time to look at my Credit section and click on the google ads....thanks!

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