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My nail polishes have a new home!

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With my ever-growing nail polish collection, I knew that I needed a new home for them. They no longer can fit in its previous home, the tool box/ first aid kit box. So...me being crafy me, just HAD to assemble a set of turntable drawers when I spotted this in Spotlight. I also just HAD to decorate it ala scrapbook style. After doing it up and putting in all my polishes and what-nots, guess what? It's still not enough!! I don't have a lot of space left to add new polishes! Cool thing though is that I've categorised my polishes my colour and type now. This set of drawers was also the impetus to make me clean and organise my desk. Threw out 4 bags of rubbish and it's still not ideal. I still have TOO much stuff. I still need to organise my drawers and wardrobe....gah...too much work! Anyway, these drawers are now on my desk and I can easily work on my nails whenever I want! :)

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