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Good Food But Weird Service at Sushi Goshin

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Friends and I decided to celebrate ML's 30th at Sushi Goshin by Akashi at the newly renovated wing of Suntec City.  ML was drawn to it by the 2 pull-up banners at the entrance declaring that their sushi starts from S$1.

Little did we know that they meant S$1++ each and only 2 types were at S$1++.  A better figure to start with would be S$2.50++ PER PIECE.

I ordered the Prawn Tempura maki with pitan (century egg)(S$5.80++).  I liked how the tempura was still warm, the pitan cold and everything coming together in wonderful harmony.  Pity that I could only eat 2 out of the 4 pieces since we shared.

ML ordered the white fish with goma (sesame) sauce (S$5++) and it was unexpectedly small.  Really small.  Although it tasted nice, I couldn't help but think that I could whip it up at home!

Ok, at least the Teriyaki Beef (S$16++) felt a little more reasonably priced.  Especially since it was fried to the correct doneness.  The accompanying cabbage salad also had a nice ume (plum) dressing.

ML also ordered a salmon rice porridge (S$15++) which I didn't taste but ML said that it had a very strong bamboo taste.  Judging from the serving, I don't think it deserved the $15 price tag either.

There were only 3 of us and 4 dishes but the total bill came up to S$49.20!  Thank goodness we were full from ramen and udon that we sampled during the Oishii Japan exhibition earlier that day.  Otherwise, we would probably have walked out of the restaurant and gone to another place.  The quality was definitely there but the prices were seriously exorbitant.  It is not as if we had personal dining rooms and served by waitresses who could rival the geishas in Kyoto.  Speaking of waitresses, there was 1 waitress who irritated and kinda traumatised us.

As we had no choice but to sit by the sushi counter, we were totally fine with sitting in a row.  When the seat perpendicular to us became empty, we did not want to move simply because we 3 could still have a proper conversation and it was just too much of a hassle to move.  However, this waitress was a little pushy and asked us again whether we wanted to move.

Now, Sushi Goshin has gone high tech with their menus.  Instead of the traditional printed paper menus, each table gets an attached iPad where you can browse and send in your order.  Said waitress came by and asked us whether we knew how to use the menu.  Siew Mai and I replied that "Yes, we know how to use it.  We're just browsing."  Despite having said that, she pulled the iPad towards her, clicked on 'Preview Order' and was about to submit before I blurted, "Don't press submit! We're not done browsing!"  OMG.  How rude! We've already told her that we know how to use the blardy thing so why did she have to grab the iPad from us AND submit our orders?  Especially weird since they have a policy that any orders confirmed cannot be cancelled!

Her intrusive nature reared its head again when she was clearing our empty plates.  She asked, "Can I clear this plate?" while taking the plate away.  Before any of us could reply.  Uh...what if I still wanted the stray strands of shredded cabbage?

The finale to her weirdness was when we called for the bill.  Her colleague was the one who saw me ask for the bill and she had proceeded to the cashier.  Weird Waitress then came up to us and asked, "If you all don't mind, could you please go to the cashier to pay?"  Sure.  We didn't mind.  But why?  The customer seated next to us had her bill brought to her.  Going to the counter didn't seem like the usual practice.

Overall, we were shocked and horrified at the high prices of the food.  Glad that the food tasted good (but it better be).  Irritated by the bunch of children who were running around the restaurant.  Traumatised by the weird waitress.

No.  We're definitely not going back there again.

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