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Nails for the week - 2 July 2013, Side French with Stars and Stripes

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Tired but needed to remove my previous nail polish and art because the 'feathers' were feathering.  Haha...ok, I know, lame.  So, I decided to do something simple and a twist on the classic French.  It's a side French with a gold stripe accentuating it and then I stuck on gold stars on each nail too!  It was inspired by a design that I saw in Nail Up but the effect isn't the same because my nails aren't long enough and I should've used the finer tip of my dotting tool.  Alas, I made the mistake early on and I might as well continue doing it throughout all 10 fingers. 

There are a few other designs that I am tempted to do and I'd love to paint a Minion-themed one (minions from 'Despicable Me') but I do not have yellow nail polish. Nor grey.  I'm not going to buy 2 bottles JUST so that I can satisfy my love for these adorable minions.

Anyway, if you have ideas, do ping me on my chat or instagram me!

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