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Your First Reaction to Child Brides May Be Too Simple

By 6/28/2013

When I first saw this YouTube clip's title, I reacted like how most people would - with horror, shock and disgust.  You'd think that it's an abomination and cruel act forced upon these innocent women.  That it is all these lustful men's fault.  That said, I knew that it probably is a difficult issue to tackle.

However, after watching this 20 minute clip, it made me realise that it is easy to react one way but one's first reaction may always be too quick to judge.  As you watch the clip, you find out that child marriage sometimes, isn't about wanting to exploit these young girls but is borne out of poverty and in some cases, protection.

Interesting, isn't it?  Forces you to think and dig deeper - beyond your initial reaction.  I find that nowadays, we are too quick to judge and post our comments on everything based on that initial reaction.  I faced that recently with a comment on Wattpad and I really felt the brunt of some really sarcastic remarks.  People, I urge all of us/you to think a little more critically and try to think from another person's perspectives before coming to your conclusion.  More often than not, your first reaction may be too simplistic.

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