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Pocari Sweat Run 2013 - 10km done!

By 6/16/2013 ,

Despite the smile on my face, I was tired and a tad disappointed that I didn't train harder for this run.  Well, to be fair, I had a muscle strain which put me away from the gym for 2 weeks.  This is my first 10km run after 2 or 3 years and I'm just glad that I managed to finish it without collapsing although my time is 30min worse than past runs.

I've never liked running and whenever I run long distance, I have to wear ankle supports because I've sprained both ankles a gazillion times.  Not to mention that the pounding on the hard asphalt isn't exactly kind to the knees.  So why did I join this run? I guess the dollar commitment translates as commitment to completing the 10km and therefore, it motivates me to hit the gym harder.

This run is not the usual route that I'm used to and with MBS, Gardens by the Bay and Marina Barrage up, a lot of race organisers are using these places as run routes.  I didn't like today's route though.  It was full of slopes running up and down the Marina Barrage, with one portion where we had to run down a flight of stairs.  What made it worse is that we had to go up and down the Marina Barrage's slopes TWICE as it looped back.  The upside is that the view made up for the slopes and Pocari Sweat is tons yummy! :)  Another motivation was the brunch at Toby's Estate that we arranged to have after our run.

Next run is the Great Eastern Women's run in November.  Time to hit the gym and train!

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