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Nails for the week - 20 May 2013 (Bling it on Feathers with lilac)

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It has been some time since I've last painted my nails and and it's all because of all the chipping and peeling thanks to me not really paying attention to them.  I couldn't take it anymore and went ahead with this design!

I love the Bling It On Feathers by Nails Inc and I bought the whole set from Sephora ($36) about 3 weeks ago.  The lilac purple is from Canmake, which I bought in Osaka and it costs half the price as in Singapore!

I'm quite thrilled with the effect and the Nails Inc set comes with a darker sparkle feather which I think I'll use in contrast with Black or some other dark shade.  Puts me in a disco mood...bling bling! LOL.

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