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Nails of the week - 8 June 2014

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Pardon the messiness of this as I had to use a sponge for the gradient shading and I took this photo before cleaning the sides up. I normally don't bother cleaning the side bits up because after 1 day, it'll naturally drop off due to all the washing of hands/shampooing of hair etc.

This design is a simplified version of something that I saw in Nail Up July 2013 edition. It's summery but yet slightly tribal in feeling. I modified it a little because I just got tired of drawing so much. My brush wasn't fine enough OR my polish just wasn't holding on the way I wanted it to. Thus, I drew everything with my dotting tool instead. The original blue used in this design was a little more turquoise, which I don't have so I stuck with my China Glaze purplish blue (again, I'm a little too lazy to find out the exact shade now). Point is...you can modify it so it doesn't really matter which shade I used. :P

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