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What Is Pásshen and Why Did I Set It Up?

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That's my new company's logo and it's pronounced like 'passion'. Not pass-hen. Interesting feedback on the name though. 5 people (the parents included) mispronounced it while 1 friend was even more appalled than I was at people mispronouncing it!

Anyway, back to the story behind Pásshen. As you've probably guessed, it is a play on the word 'passion' and 'pash' is a short form as well as a slang for passion too.

Be The Best Of You

If you head onto www.passhen.com, you'll realise that it's an e-booking system for all your spa, beauty and wellness needs. That tagline represents what I hope to achieve and that's my real passion. After going through my 1 month no-pay leave and making serious changes in my life, I realise that I  want to give women who are tired, stressed and feeling plain ole crappy, an avenue to easily find ways to unwind and just relax.


Which is the same principle as to why my friend and I started WellnessYogi RESET. It was not easy when we first started this project but now that the schedule has fallen into place, I must say that I'm heckulluva proud of ourselves! I wanted the programme to be holistic. Not only focusing on yoga, although it was key, but also reaching out to people who need a day to themselves. So...the schedule is now like this:

8am        Sunrise Yoga
9.30am   Chill out with juice
10am      Learn how Yoga can be used to treat illnesses
12 noon  Picnic lunch with non-dairy ice cream
2pm        Make up workshop
2.45pm   Hair wellness workshop
5.30pm   Taiji intro workshop
8pm        Kalari Yoga

Some people need to feel good on the outside before it shows on the inside while others need to feel good on the inside before it shows on the outside. Therefore, our programme is for everyone!! Haha...

Anyway, because I feel so strongly about this, I've got GREAT news for all of you. If you sign up as a member of Pásshen (it's FREE btw), you'll get 20% off WellnessYogi RESET!

How does this work?
  1. Go to www.passhen.com and sign up as a member
  2. Book an 'appointment' for WellnessYogi RESET
  3. An email with the discount code with the discount link will be sent to you
So...I'll see all of you on Sat, 11 Jul at the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade!!

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