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Happy Birthday To Me!

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Yummy Mont Blanc cake from Glacé
And so...another year passes and I get a year older.  I spent last Sunday with my old friends over lunch at The Bridge and I'm glad to say that I've found their brunch menu to be as delicious as their regular one! However, this is not about a food review post. I'll leave that to my food blog, In Chef Mode.

I'm just happy to have friends to gather with and talk nonsense to/ do fun stuff with/ meet up over a meal. Although I do not have the same enthusiasm about celebrating my birthday as I did a couple of years ago, I guess it is still about being thankful that I'm still alive and surrounded with friends.
My other birthday presents to myself: matching rabbit plate and bowl

This year is also the year where I have started out on my own again. Pásshen really is turning into a passion and I think it's the biggest birthday present that I've given to myself. The journey of seeing it come into fruition is simply amazing and I'm still worried about cash flow but yet at the same time, really thrilled when I'm packing mystery gifts for new clients.

The epic Tiramisu Mille Feuille that my aunt made for me

Thank you everyone for the support and love!

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