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2015 Birthday Wishlist

By 10/01/2015 ,

It's October, which means...let the countdown to my birthday begin! So annually, I do have a wishlist (sometimes a none-wishlist) and this year is no different! As I often say, it's not narcissistic or demanding of me to have a wishlist. It's more like friends and family do not know what to get for me and so, I'm simply letting them know what I DO want. When you were a child, didn't you tell your parents what toys you'd like to get for your birthday/Christmas? Same thing.

So...my birthday wishlist for this year is:
  1. Ownday Computer Glasses in pink
  2. Sponsorship for Hello Kitty Run
  3. Sponsorship for 2 weeks of my gym membership
  4. Everyone to sign up as a member of Pásshen and put in S$10 credit (LOL) OR sign up for one of the workshops in the upcoming Beauty Week.
  5. Vouchers from Sephora/ Zara/ H&M/ iTunes
Yup, that's about it. The usual NO hand/body lotion, photo frames, accessories and soaps apply.

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