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Comparing XLB - Crystal Jade

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Finally had the chance to go to Crystal Jade and try out their fancy flavoured Xiao Long Bao. It's not 8 international flavours at the Ngee Ann City Branch/ Paradise Dynasty but it's still rather similar.

This steamer of 4 XLB is S$6.90++ and the flavours are:
  • Original (white)
  • Vegetable (green)
  • Truffle (black)
  • Spicy Sichuan (orange)
Learning from my Paradise Dynasty experience, I decided to eat the original first. I must say that Crystal Jade has picked up their quality. The pork isn't as sugar sweet as it used to be about 2-3 years ago (that is how long I've stayed away from Crystal Jade's XLB) and the skin is not too thick/thin. This one is much better than Paradise Dynasty's for sure. No leaky XLB here.

Second XLB to go into my mouth was the green one. I was rather disappointed with this one. It ended up tasting like 梅菜鸡 or the steamed pork with preserved vegetables that my mum cooks. Maybe it is exactly that. Paradise Dynasty doesn't have this flavour so no comparison can be done.

Next up was the Truffle XLB. Once again, I love love love how the taste of truffle just bursts into my mouth when I slurp the soup from the 'window' I make at the tip. The aroma of truffle hits you and you will not be disappointed in anticipating the truffle goodness within the pork. YUMMY! I could eat 10 of these at one sitting. Definitely on par with Paradise Dynasty on this. In fact, maybe I should give Crystal Jade a few more points because the skin of the dumpling was sturdier than that of Paradise Dynasty's and it wasn't dry although I didn't eat my XLB immediately.

Lastly, I tried the spicy one. It was not disappointing in the sense that it was flavourful and had the kick of the chillis. However, Paradise's version of this was simply more refined in the sense that there were layers of flavour to theirs.

Needless to say, the next time I go to Crystal Jade La Mian for XLB, I'll probably just order the original and truffle flavours. Keep improving on the quality of the food!!

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao
391 Orchard Road
Takashimaya S.C. #04-27
Tel: (65) 6238 1661 (reservation for weekdays only)

Great World City #02-43
Tel:  (65) 6738 5595 (no reservation)  

Bugis Junction #B1-04A
Tel:  (65) 6339 6902 (no reservation)

Website: http://www.crystaljade.com/

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