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Christmas Wishlist 2011

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Let the countdown to Christmas begin!!  I'm pretty simple...this year's wishlist is going to be the same as my birthday's: subsidy for my LASIK.  I've already done it, but to pay over $3k for anything is no joke. Unless you're a millionaire, which I'm unfortunately not.  I will gladly accept other things and it is also my tradition to do a non-wishlist...to eliminate dust-gatherers.  Here I go...

Things that I do not want:
  • shower foam
  • body lotion
  • soft toys
  • jewellery
  • bags
  • socks
  • perfume sets
Besides a subsidy, a maid would be good though. LOL. I seriously need help with ironing all of my clothes and doing the housework.  My schedule for the weekends are jam packed too. 

Nevertheless, no matter what my friends do give me, I'll accept them with a grateful heart. <3  I already know what to get for my besties and I also bought a leopard print shoe bag for Leopard.  Now...what to get for the rest of my colleagues?

Have a Happy Christmas everyone and all the best for the rest of 2011!!! 

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